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Add NO-FEE Online Ordering & Fast Local Delivery To Your Website

Get an Easy Ordering Menu on Your Own Restaurant or Cafe's Website

If you're a small business owner still paying high fees for third party food apps and delivery services, we have an all-in-one solution that puts you back in control. Regain your profits and leave high monthly food app commissions behind for good.

How It Works

La Luna creates affordable food ordering menus for your business on your own website, with on-demand delivery. We connect you to the same delivery service used by all the major food apps. You pay one flat fee to build your online ecommerce site. The 40% lost revenue fees become a thing of the past, because there are no longer monthly commissions or fees.

Offer Local Delivery Without Paying for Your Own Drivers

La Luna connects you directly to on-demand delivery drivers--ready when you need them. You no longer have to manage or pay for local delivery. The delivery fee is paid by the customer, so you pay nothing.

Your customers get to support your business, plus it's a great way to minimize phone calls when you're busy fulfilling orders. Once your online menu is hooked up, you receive instant alerts on any mobile or desktop device when orders comes in. Once fulfilled, orders get picked up and delivered seamlessly (no pun intended).

Your Online Menu is Completely Editable

Once your site is built — which takes on average about 2-3 weeks depending on the size of your menu — La Luna will show you around your shiny new, easy-to-use dashboard.

Your ecommerce site will be editable so you can easily add, change and delete products yourself without having to know any code. There's no need to call us every time you need to update a product or change a price. You manage your online store yourself, on your own schedule.

But if you ever need help, La Luna will be a phone call away.

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We are 100% operational working from home in Hoboken.
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