24 N Main | Modern Luxury Rentals

West Hartford, CT

Client Overview

La Luna Branding was engaged to develop a brand identity and website for Skala Partners' development project, a boutique rental building in West Hartford, CT.


A luxury boutique rental building, 24 N Main would act as the calling card for Skala Partners. A comprehensive branding and marketing package was needed with a budget scaled for an 18-unit rental building.

Services Provided

  • Identity design
  • Brand strategy + messaging
  • Teaser site with lead generation
  • Editable, content-managed website
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Outdoor signage
  • Floorplan illustrations
  • Marketing brochure
  • Social Media Campaign


Using a hands-on approach, La Luna produced all deliverables, including photography, design of marketing materials, floorplan/keyplan illustrations, and property sell sheets, in-house. Utilizing design boards from the interior design team and skilled photo retouching, a lead-generating teaser campaign was created without any actual product. The neighborhood was a huge part of the sell so two photo shoots by our creative director enabled us to garner daytime and evening images to use in the marketing of the property. West Hartford Center is a popular, highly trafficked location, so on-site signage was created to maximize exposure. A social media campaign was put in place, and a simple but effective brochure was created to remind prospects of the property after tours.


Nearly 200 requests for more information were received during the pre-marketing efforts. There were five applications taken on opening weekend.

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