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Hoboken, NJ

Client Overview

Local Barre is a core fitness studio with two locations in Hoboken, NJ. They opened in 2009 as the first barre fitness classes in Hoboken (Many were to open subsequently as a result of Local Barre's success).


2008: After falling in love with Barre fitness classes in NYC, owner Jen DeMarco wanted to open a new barre fitness model in Hoboken, which would be the first of its kind and would have to catch the attention of the fitness enthusiasts in town who were new to barre exercise.

With that in mind, we took on the challenge to create a totally unique, memorable brand identity that would introduce the Hoboken fitness scene to this new and soon-to-be-imitated fitness model. So we rolled up our sleeves and began our research.


Our concept for the studio's brand identity was built from the ground up. We learned that the barre fitness technique was originally created by a famed European ballerina in the 1920s & 30s named Lotte Berk.

Her exercise techniques were considered quite taboo for their time (with exercise names like "The Peeing Dog" and "The Prostitute"). After processing all this research, we had our "Eureka" moment.

Considering the time period of Lotte Berk's career—the 1920s & 30s— and the fact that her exercise techniques were seen as taboo and immoral, we brainstormed and connected it with the OTHER thing that was considered taboo and immoral in that same time period: Booze during Prohibition!

So, through a series of visual presentations to support the Prohibition-era direction, adding in some nifty 1920s-30s slang catch phrases and the tagline, "The High Without the Hangover", the owners fell in love with the concept. Next was the naming. We believed using the word "Barre" in the name would support the speakeasy roaring twenties vibe for the brand, so we came up with "Local Barre". It was the perfect identity for Hoboken, with its many bars and many fitness studios, plus it would work great if they ever wanted to franchise into other locales.


It worked. Following a consistent brand marketing strategy including a website, signage, and social media, Local Barre made a huge splash on the scene, and remains one of the most successful and memorable business models in town today.

Services Provided

• Brand Identity + Strategy

• Identity Design

• Marketing Strategy

• Website Design/Development

• SEO + analytics

• Social Media Setup

• Print Collateral

• Signage

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